Why I Celebrate the Resurrection

We’ve just finished celebrating His birth, and many are still trying to pay off the huge debts they incurred in an effort to find the “perfect” gift.  Then along comes what is commonly known as Easter.  Bunnies, eggs, springtime, baskets, new dress clothes, and once again many are incurring debt on a holiday they know little about.  The amount of debt you can incur is astronomical, depending only on limits set by people that don’t know anything about you, except perhaps your spending preferences and your own abilities to pay back what they have loaned to you in the first place.  And if you make them unhappy, well, that credit can very easily be revoked, with you ending up with collection notices and a credit score which seems to drop with every passing day.

Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I am adversely opposed to such a lifestyle.  Why should my life be dependent on a score assigned by someone who looks only at my financial capacity?  I am so much more than that.  So are you.  God knows that, too.  After all, He created you in His image. You are not a number to God.  God counts the stars, He numbers the hair on your head, but He knows my name.  He knows your name too.  We are worth so much more to God than a number, that He came and died for us.  That’s right, died.  On a cross.  After being flogged with horrifying instruments.  Have you ever heard this story?  Why would He do this?

He did it to pay our debts.  The big ones that not even the wealthiest bank on earth could ever pay.  He died for our relationships that are spiraling out of control.  He died for every heartbreak that we would handout and every one we would be given.  He died for the poor, the rich, the downtrodden, the up and coming, the sickliest, the healthiest.  He died because we were created to be with Him, and well, we lost that.  Only He could restore it.  The only way He could restore it was to die.  Sin requires something.  It requires death.  And while you might not see it right now, it will demand payment unless your bill has been paid by someone else.  The only One who can cover that debt is Jesus.

Fortunately for us, sin and its consequences couldn’t keep Him bound.  Justice prevailed.  He rose again!  My debts were paid in full when He died and rose again.  And because I have received His free gift of deliverance and freedom, I cannot be held responsible for debts I couldn’t pay.  For the hurt I’ve caused and the pain I’ve imparted; the hurt I’ve received and the things that have kept me bound, I am set free!  My debts been cancelled in red by the blood of Jesus! No one on earth could have financed that mission.

Why do I celebrate the resurrection of Jesus?  It’s obvious.  The question is why wouldn’t I?  Why don’t you?  My debts have been paid!  I don’t need to find security in a score set based on a number that includes my past.  My security is He who holds my future, knowing it will never be revoked because He loves me.  I don’t need a bunny or an egg to remind me.  I carry it with me every day of the year.  I’m debt free and proud of it! If you’re not, you can receive Him.  To find out more, go to our Need Jesus? page.