A Little Bit Over a Long While

We have an older model minivan, and the older it has gotten the bells and whistles that we so appreciated when we first purchased it have ceased to work.  Case in point, the electric window function.  The first day we noticed it wasn’t working properly was at a drive thru and we were unable to get our window down to receive our order, much to the amusement of the teenage girl working the window, who laughingly handed it to our ten year old son now standing outside.  So much for not service walk-ups.

car-windoIt was one of the first chilly mornings of September when I noticed I wasn’t able to see out of the driver side window.  I did the sensible thing and rolled down the window.  Unfortunately, in the cool of the morning it wouldn’t roll back up.  When your going 50 mph down the road on a chilly morning, an event such as this is not appreciated.  Needless to say, despite the cold infusing our van our boys found it hysterical that mom was trying to warm her entire body using the seat warmer alone.

I, however, was trying to rectify the situation.  I kept pushing the button every few seconds in my attempt to close the window.  All the way to school I did this, only achieving the equivalent of a millimeter’s worth of progress.  The boys were still laughing as I dropped them off and headed home, once more frantically pushing the window’s button.

I was cold and frustrated and began to beseech the Lord to send His window angels to my rescue.  Instead, I received a lesson that was both humorous and reflective.  The Lord spoke to me in my despair and told me to stop pushing the button for the next few minutes and wait.  Now for an impatient, cold me, that seemed a huge request, but I obeyed.

A few minutes later, I once again pushed the button, and the window went up about three inches – progress!  The Lord again told me to wait, and several miles later another four inches went up.  We repeated this progress several times until once I arrived home, my goal had been reached – the window was up!

In His still small voice, the Lord explained that rather than being impatient and constantly pushing buttons that in the long run would have no affect, I needed to wait, only occasionally pushing so that I would be effective in accomplishing my goal.  This applied not only to my window, but to life and relationships as well.  Whether as a wife, mom, friend, or pastor, I needed to not get so impatient.  After all, it wasn’t accomplishing a thing!  Waiting and expending a little loving effort is far better than becoming emotionally upset.

Now, I know I’m not the only one.  You, too, have some proverbial broken car window that you keep pushing the button on.  Can I suggest that you, too, wait just a little while and rest – even if you’re facing a cold wind?  Eventually things will warm up, if you’ll just be patient.  Just a little bit, can go a very long way when you choose to wait.


A New Thing

The Lord is doing a new thing in the world today – in individual lives and in His church.  Part of the new is allowing for the release of the old.  It could be old habits, mindsets, or even old victories.  The old is not bad – it has served its purpose well, but just as the leaves must fall and a tree lie dormant before spring, so the old nature of our lives must fall away.

Sometimes it feels as though we are in a dormant season in our lives, and all we feel are the cold realities of life sinking into and chilling our very being.  However, it is during those times of transition that our spirits should be storing up the water of the Word, so that when the season next changes there is a release of newness of life.  You tree will bring forth life again!  It doesn’t always seem as though God’s plan coming to pass, but it is.

It may be that you don’t see God at work in your life and you feel exposed, dry, and brittle.  Take heart.  It may just be that it isn’t that the Lord has left you, but rather He is allowing you to have your rest so that the soil of your life is prepared for the seed He wants to plant to bring about an abundant harvest.

Don’t grow discouraged at what you don’t see, but rather walk by faith, not by sight.  Often the most intimate work is done in secret.  Allow the Lord to have His way in you, and begin to expect that with the falling away of flesh, the newness of the Spirit is going to break forth within you and produce more for the Kingdom than you could ever have imagined.