A New Thing

The Lord is doing a new thing in the world today – in individual lives and in His church.  Part of the new is allowing for the release of the old.  It could be old habits, mindsets, or even old victories.  The old is not bad – it has served its purpose well, but just as the leaves must fall and a tree lie dormant before spring, so the old nature of our lives must fall away.

Sometimes it feels as though we are in a dormant season in our lives, and all we feel are the cold realities of life sinking into and chilling our very being.  However, it is during those times of transition that our spirits should be storing up the water of the Word, so that when the season next changes there is a release of newness of life.  You tree will bring forth life again!  It doesn’t always seem as though God’s plan coming to pass, but it is.

It may be that you don’t see God at work in your life and you feel exposed, dry, and brittle.  Take heart.  It may just be that it isn’t that the Lord has left you, but rather He is allowing you to have your rest so that the soil of your life is prepared for the seed He wants to plant to bring about an abundant harvest.

Don’t grow discouraged at what you don’t see, but rather walk by faith, not by sight.  Often the most intimate work is done in secret.  Allow the Lord to have His way in you, and begin to expect that with the falling away of flesh, the newness of the Spirit is going to break forth within you and produce more for the Kingdom than you could ever have imagined.

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