12/20/2016 Daily Word

We believe the following Word is specifically for those for whom Destiny Outreach is their church.

You have been crying out for a move of My Spirit, wondering when will I fill My house which seems barren and fruitless.  You have pondered why you are in such a dry place, and yet you’ve stayed faithful in your love and worship of Me, seeking My face despite the discouragement and fear with which the enemy has barraged you.  Know that I am releasing new wine in your midst.  A fresh anointing to meet the needs of people in a new day.  Where once you mourned, you will now rejoice and question, “How did this happen so quickly?”  I will restore unto you the joy of your salvation, and those that once mocked will stand in wonder that I, the Lord, have performed every promise I made unto you plus some.  You will blossom spiritually and physical growth will come to My church as a result of what I am doing in you.  Watch for it, it is coming, says the Lord.  Isaiah 25:1, 9, “ADONAI, you are my God.  I exalt You, I praise Your Name.  For You have accomplished marvels, [fulfilled] ancient plans faithfully and truly…See! This is our God! We waited for Him to save us. This is ADONAI; we put our hope in Him. We are full of joy, so glad He saved us!”

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