12/26/2016 Daily Word

I know you’re battle-weary.  I’ve seen both the seeming victories and defeats, and I see your face turned toward Me in supplication.  Know that I have heard the longing of your spirit and I am even now releasing ministering angels to bring relief to you in your time of need.  It seems to you as though I have been a long way off, but I have been and will remain ever at your side.  Did I not promise to never leave or forsake you?  Lift up your eyes and remember from whence comes your help.  Your help comes from Me – Maker of heaven and earth.  The God who is, and will ever be, everything for you, and I am the One who even now is hiding you under the shadow of My wings.  Do not fear, you are safe.    Isaiah 46:3b-5, “I have borne you from birth, carried you since the womb.  Till your old age I will be the same – I will carry you until your hair is white.  I have made you, and I will bear you; yes, I will carry and save you.  To whom will you liken and equate Me?  With whom will you compare Me, as if we were similar?”

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