12/2/2016 Daily Word

Love brought Me to Earth, love paved the way to the cross, love prompts Me to prepare a place for you, and love that will cause My return.  My love does all for you – My passion, My Bride.  And just as I love, I have called you to love.  My love sends you, but it must love that motivates your continual sacrifice and service, not duty or habit.  As we become One, the dominating characteristic of your life will be your love for others.  Love makes difficult decisions and endures the impossible.  If you would be a hope-bearer, faith-fertilizer, and bridge-builder in your home and your community, pray that My love would be realized in you.  John 17:23, “I united with them and You with Me, so that they may be completely one, and the world thus will realize that you sent Me, and that You have loved them just as You have loved Me.” I Cor. 13:13-14:1a, “But for now, three things last – faith, hope, love; and the greatest of these is love.  Pursue love!”