1/23/2017 Daily Word

Break through!  Break through!  March past and step over the barriers that the enemy has erected to prevent the flow of My Spirit through you.  Break through the emotions of the pain of the past!  Break through the insecurity of fearing failure!  Break out of the shackles that would bind you to hopelessness and unproductive cycles!  I have called you to be more than a conqueror!  I have called you forth to greater revelation, greater outcome, greater ministry in Me.  Break beyond those things that weigh you down and pull you under, banishing and rebuking them, for they are subject to My Name and I have called you up to higher ground.  Follow My lead, for I have gone before you, and as you do, others will follow you.  Breakthrough requires action in response to what has already transpired in heavenly places, and I tell you, now is the time – break through!  Micah 2:13, “The one breaking through went up before them; they broke through, passed the gate and went out.  Their king passed on before them; ADONAI was leading them.”

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