CONFESS THE WORD WEEK: DAY FIVE – Our Walk with the Lord

I love the Word of God!  I desire to spend time in the Word and in prayer.  The Holy Spirit is my best friend and I am constantly learning new and amazing things from Him.  His Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.  His Word dwelling in me keeps me from sin.  I walk in holiness because I meditate on His Word and I am uncomfortable with anything that doesn’t align with the standards of the Holy Spirit, whose temple I am.  I am developing my spiritual senses which enable me to move in the prophetic.  I can see where He is leading me, hear what He is telling me, speak what He is saying to me, smell His fragrance in everything, and touch Him through my prayers.  He is everything to me and He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His namesake.  I am quick to listen, slow to speak, immediate in my obedience because His will is my priority. I submit to Him in everything.  In Him I live and move and have my very being, and it is my delight to please Him.

Pray specifically for:

  • An increased desire for His Word & prayer
  • An increased desire to walk in holiness
  • A development of your spiritual senses
  • That you will be a delight to Him

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