2/27/2017 Daily Word

Breakthrough is always accompanied by brokenness – something must break in order for you to move past it into a new place.  Where are you broken?  Are you still trying to fix it on your own?  My Child, breakthrough comes to those who humbly admit they are in desperate need of Me to fix the problems of their lives, not to those who proudly persist in trying to do it on their own.  Breakthrough will come as you admit your need and allow Me to intervene.  It is the humble that I lift up.  I know the struggles you are facing and the scars that accompany you wherever you go.  I do not delight in your hurt, but rather ask that you trust Me with it so you can boldly breakthrough into all that I have for you.  I Sam. 2:1-9, “My heart exults in ADONAI!  My dignity has been restored by ADONAI!  I can gloat over my enemies, because of my joy at Your saving me.  No one is as holy as ADONAI because there is none to compare with You, no rock like our God.  Stop your proud boasting!  Don’t let arrogance come from your mouth!  For ADONAI is a God of knowledge, and He appraises actions.  The bows of mighty men are broken, while the humble are armed with strength…He humbles and He exalts, He raises the poor from the dust, lifts up the needy from the trash pile; He gives them a place with the leaders and assigns them seats of honor.  For the earth’s pillars belong to ADONAI; on them He has placed the world.  He will guard the steps of His faithful, but the wicked will be silenced in darkness.  For it is not by strength that a person prevails.”

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