2/14/2017 Daily Word

Beloved, how I delight in meeting with you in our secret place!  To hear your voice in the morning and know that you have come to hear Me is My treasure.  To share with you the purpose of My heart and know that you listen is My reward.  Know, now, that I see you in this desert place, and how you have clung to Me in the midst of it.  Because you have made My Kingdom your priority and have remained steadfast, I am calling you forth from the desert into a lush valley of fruitfulness.  Where once was dryness, living water shall flow, rehydrating you, spirit and soul.  For I have not forgotten, you, whom I love, and fruit shall abound because of your faithfulness to Me, abundance and increase shall be your portion.  Is. 35:1-4a, “The desert and the dry land will be glad; the ‘Aravah will rejoice and blossom like the lily.  It will burst into flower, will rejoice with joy and singing, will be given the glory of the L’vanon, the splendor of Karmel and the Sharon.  They will see the glory of ADONAI, the splendor of our God.  Strengthen your drooping arms, and steady your tottering knees.  Say to the fainthearted, ‘Be strong and unafraid!  Here is your God’…”

2/13/2017 Daily Word

You are Mine, and together we walk in covenant.  Just as I led Joshua through a succession of battles successfully, so I will lead you through to triumph.  The battles you are currently facing are because I have passed judgment in the heavenlies, and My judgment is in your favor.  The enemy does not want to release what I have declared to be yours.  Remember, though, that My Word has gone forth and will not be shaken.  Pray forward.  The promise belongs to you.  Keep contending, and I, Myself, will go before you and execute My judgment, and you will walk forth in victory.  2 Cor. 2:14, “But thanks be to God, who in the Messiah constantly leads us in a triumphal procession and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of what it means to know Him!”

2/10/2017 Daily Word

My purpose dwells in you.  Even before you were conceived, I had plans for you.  Don’t despair regarding what I’ve called you to, for it is already within you, and in due season it will shoot forth to bear fruit.  Right now you are developing roots that will secure your person and purpose in cultivated soil.  Though it is not yet seen, yet it is already acting upon My Word.  Be encouraged, and be patient, for it shall spring forth suddenly and grow to yield fruit.  Rom. 9:10b-12, “In the case of Rebecca, both her children were conceived in one act with Isaac, our father; and before they were born, before they had done anything at all, either good or bad (so that God’s plan might remain a matter of His sovereign choice, not dependent on what they did, but on God, who does the calling), it was said to her, ‘The older shall serve the younger.’”

2/9/2017 Daily Word

In the day of trouble, I will hide you.  In the day of your despair, I will deliver you.  For I have seen how the enemy has ravaged My servants, My beloveds, My holy ones, and I will not tolerate any more.  I have seen those who have faithfully served without just recompense, and I am even now rebuking the enemy over your life.  Even now I am declaring victory and healing.  I am the Great Restorer and the Great Rewarder – you will see.  I am coming and My reward is in My hand for those who’ve fainted not. Is. 49:1a-4,“ADONAI called me from the womb; before I was born, He had spoken my name.  He has made my mouth like a sharp sword while hiding me in the shadow of His hand; He has made me like a sharpened arrow while concealing me in His quiver.  He said to me, ‘You are My servant, Isra’el, through whom I will show My glory.’ But I said, ‘I have toiled in vain, spent my strength for nothing, futility.’ Yet my cause is with ADONAI, my reward is with my God.”

2/8/2017 Daily Word

Dear One, how very much I long for you to know My love perfected in you.  It is in dwelling within the reality of My love that fear, in all of its forms, is banished.  Some have experienced the excruciating pain of the kiss of a betrayer, and because of this do not trust My love.  My love doesn’t send you to the cross, My love went there for you.  My love does not run in the midst the chaos, but stands firmly at your side through turmoil.  My love doesn’t initiate your storms, but calms them.  My love provides a place to hide. My love forgives and embraces, not exposing, but covering your sin.  My love grants sufficient grace in all things that pertain to your life.  Trust that My Love is true, My child, and allow its expression to fill your heart and bring peace to your inner turbulence.  I John 4:18, “There is no fear in love.  On the contrary, love that has achieved its goal gets rid of fear, because fear has to do with punishment; the person who keeps fearing has not been brought to maturity in regard to love.”

2/7/2017 Daily Word

I never fail!  Your definition of failure and Mine are quite different and you must change your mindset to come into alignment with Mine.  I AM the God that transforms the enemy’s best work into My masterpieces, for your good and My glory. My children, I want to deliver you from a mindset of simply surviving failure to failure, but one that walks forward in confidence knowing that My desire for you is that in everything you thrive, precept upon precept, glory upon glory.  Yes, sometimes you fall, but know that when you do, it is straight into the arms of One who will always catch you, always love you, always sustain you.  You are the apple of My eye, and I have declared success for you.  Stand as My Masterpiece to the world – a testimony to Me!  Eccl. 3:11, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.  He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

2/6/2017 Daily Word

What is in your heart, and what are the boundaries that you have set?  As the place where your passions and emotions dwell, and the place where you make resolutions and incline yourself one way or another regarding a matter, what are you doing to protect your heart?  What and who you allow within the boundaries of your heart will either purify or pollute your spirit, causing you to act and speak accordingly.  What you speak will create either life or death.  Your heart is where your prophetic destiny is birthed, and you can choose to nurture the seed I have placed in you or defile it.  Allowing offense to take root will cause bitter weeds to grow that spread disease, leaving no room for the movement of My Spirit, but forgiveness fertilizes your heart, allowing Me, as Master Gardener to move freely.  Remember, the seed I have planted within you is incorruptible, but it needs to be cultivated to bring forth the abundance of life that I have for you, and it is abundant indeed.  Prov. 4:23-27, “Above everything else, guard your heart; for it is the source of life’s consequences.  Keep crooked speech out of your mouth, banish deceit from your lips.  Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze on what lies in front of you.  Level the path of your feet, let all your ways be properly prepared; then deviate neither right nor left; and keep your foot far from evil.”

2/3/2017 Daily Word

Have I not done great things on your behalf, and will I not continue to do so?  Look to Me; look for Me.  I am even now at work, even as I was when I was there in the world.  My Spirit is moving – He is not at a standstill.  Many decried Me on earth.  Even My own disciples did not see all I was doing, but that did not prevent Me from moving towards the cross.  It will not hinder Me now from accomplishing My purpose.  Break through occurs when you choose to press into Me rather than focus on the temporary and that which is external.  Much of what you concern yourself is within the realm of the natural.  You must choose to move towards your cross, even as I did, to accomplish your ultimate purpose. Yes, I’ve called My people to make a difference, but the difference must first come from within and work its way outward, so that the changes you make are of My Spirit, not of the flesh.  The great things I do in and through you will originate in Spirit before manifesting in the natural, not the other way around.  Ps. 111, “I will wholeheartedly give thanks to ADONAI in the council of the upright and in the assembly, the deeds of ADONAI are great, greatly desired by all who enjoy them.  His work is full of majesty and splendor, and His righteousness continues forever.  He has gained renown for His wonders.  ADONAI is merciful and compassionate.  He gives food to those who fear Him.  He remembers His covenant forever.  He shows His people how powerfully He works by giving them the nations as their heritage.  The works of His hands are truth and justice; all His precepts can be trusted.  They have been established forever and ever, to be carried out truly and honestly.  He sent redemption to His people and decreed that His covenant should last forever.  His name is holy and fearsome – the first and foremost point of wisdom is the fear of ADONAI; all those living by it gain good common sense.  His praise stands forever.”

2/2/2017 Daily Word

Some of you are still seeing men as though they were trees, misconstruing the vibrancy of the truth. To see partially is to understand partially, and to understand partially is dangerous in both the natural and spiritual realm.  For this reason, I desire you to develop your spiritual sight, clear and focused.   It is not enough for you to rely on another’s vision and insight.  You must develop your own by seeking to see from My perspective.  I will not guide you astray for I am not a God of opinions – I AM Truth.  Allow Me to touch your eyes once more that you might see and walk in the full understanding of My revelation.  2 Kings 6:16-17, “His servant said to him, ‘Oh, My master, this is terrible!  What are we going to do?’ He answered, ‘Don’t be afraid – those who are with us outnumber those who are with them!’  Elisha prayed, ‘ADONAI, I ask you to open his eyes, so that he can see.’ Then ADONAI opened the young man’s eyes, and he saw:  there before him, all around Elisha, the mountain was covered with horses and fiery chariots.”