3/22/2017 Daily Word

Your birthright as My child is your spiritual authority in Me; your blessing the double portion.  Esau did not recognize the value of ruling his father’s house because at the time he did not need to exercise it.  He sold his authority for stew!   Do not barter your birthright simply because you have not yet walked into it.  Guard it jealously, for a day will come that you will need to rule, and find you can’t, and when you want the blessing in lieu of responsibility, you won’t receive. Be careful, for such are the times of deception in which you live, that the enemy will attempt to convince you to turn over to him that which I’ve placed in your hands. I granted you authority, but you must choose to walk in it, and it is My desire that you have the wherewithal to do it well.  Gen. 27:36, “Esau said, ‘His name, Jacob [he supplants], really suits him – because he has supplanted me these two times; he took away my birthright, and here, now he has taken away my blessing!”

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