3/29/2017 Daily Word

With whose staff do you walk this road?  Are you under My staff, or have you taken My love and retained your own authority?  Have you tried to enter into My promise on your own?  Those who dwell with Me, dwell safely, in a place of completeness.  Those who choose to confront life on their own terms are divided within themselves.  Would you be unsure of your future and walk in fear?  Or would you know that you are hidden safely with Me?  Surrender your staff to Me, and allow Me to be your Guiding Light.  Let Me secure your future and bring wholeness to every aspect of your being.  This life, however, begins at the place of surrender – the place where you willingly exchange your own staff for Mine.  Gen. 32:11-12a, “I’m not worthy of all the love and faithfulness You have shown Your servant, since I crossed the Jordan with only my staff.  But now I have become two camps.  Please!  Rescue me.”

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