3/8/17 Daily Word

I AM the Lord – righteous, holy, and true.  There is none beside Me.  From before the beginning of the world I AM, and at My Word life is created.  Today, I call forth new life from within you!  I call forth the gifts, talents, and resources that I have allowed to lay dormant, that I placed within you at birth.  What I have hidden, I now call forth into the open.  I am, this day, calling forth a greater manifestation of My anointing from you.  Walk forward in the fear of Me, knowing that for such a time as this I created you.  As you do, My plans for you will begin to unfold in greater clarity.  Only be faithful, and obey.  I Cor. 1:6-9, “Indeed, the testimony about the Messiah has become firmly established in you; so that you are not lacking in any spiritual gift and are eagerly awaiting the revealing of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He will enable you to hold out until the end and thus be blameless on the Day of our Lord Jesus the Christ – God is trustworthy; it was He who called you into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.”

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