4/21/2017 Daily Word

Some of you have been misguided into believing that it is the younger generation alone that will usher in My glory.  Yes, it is a mighty generation, called by Me for a specific purpose to break through strongholds and bring deliverance. But you, remaining generations, I have a plan for you yet unfulfilled.  Rise up, oh fathers and mothers of the faith!  Rise up, and declare the fulfillment of your dreams and their visions. Speak forth the victory now and for generations to come.  Be preparers of My Way!  Make ready the way in your society, churches, community, and nation by your prayers, by your training, by your love.  Teach My children the way in which they should go – the way which will lead them to Me and to victory – and as they grow older they will not depart from it.  Together you will take ground that has been held by the enemy for so long.  Do not allow the enemy to deceive you that your generation has failed, or that you are too old for the battle!  Have I not declared success for My people?  Step forward into the destiny to which I have called you, forgetting what is behind, and press forward into My high calling.  Refuse to allow the enemy to keep you from participating in this eternal triumph! Let My Calebs take their mountain, and My young people take their nations – together as one!  Ps. 148:12-14, “Young men and women alike, old men and children.  Let them praise the Name of ADONAI, for His Name alone is exalted; His glory is above both the earth and heaven.  He has increased the power of His people, granted praise to all His faithful, to the descendants of Isra’el, a people close to Him.  Halleluyah!”

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