4/25/2017 Daily Word

Some of you feel as though you’ve been pruned back too far.  As though too much has been cut away for productivity.  Do the trees of the orchard tell their gardener how best they grow?  Do you know better than I what you require to bring about fruitfulness in your life?  No!  Do not be discouraged, My child.  This time that you are experiencing is so that you will flourish and bring forth fruit for My Kingdom.  I love you too much to allow disease to infect the whole of what I have lovingly nourished in you.  Be patient, for what has been cut away will again grow and bud, bringing forth more fruit with seed worthy of planting in the garden of your God.  Job 14:7, “For a tree, there is hope that if cut down, it will sprout again, that its shoots will continue to grow.  Even if its roots grow old in the earth and its stump dies in the ground, yet at the scent of water it will bud and put forth branches like a young plant.”

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