5/22/2017 Press Forward with Purpose

Do not give up now, but forge ahead in faith.  Let your advancement be a work of My Spirit through you, rather than a work of the flesh by you.  It is not a time to give in, but rather a time to press out.  Press out of the mold that others have tried to put you in; press out of the place of apathy and irrelevance.  Only press into Me, and concern yourself with My expectations and the important work that I have called you to do.  Let faith arise to propel you and position you in belief, allowing My Spirit to lead you, and as you walk in My way it will be to you according to My Word.  That which you thought impossible is going to come to pass and you will see the acceleration of ministry and fulfillment of things I have promised in the past.  Mark 5:24-29, “…and a large crowd followed, pressing all around Him.  Among them was a woman…she had heard about Yeshua, so she came up behind Him and touched His robe…and she felt in her body that she had been healed.”

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