5/29/2017 Daily Word

You are the written work of heaven, the fulfillment of My heart from ages past.  Just as the earth is firmly established and immovable, so you are forever fixed in My heart.    Your worth is far beyond imagination, and My delight in you is matchless.  Even when circumstances have sought to mar your visage, you remain ever beautiful, ever lovely – the work of My hands.  From before the world began I planned for you, and am even now working out that plan in you.  Trust Me when I say, I have waited longer than you to see the completed work, and I will fulfill every good purpose in you, My Treasured One.  Do not fear!  Ez. 12:28, “Say to them that the LORD GOD says, ‘None of My words will be delayed any more, but the word that I speak will be accomplished,’ says LORD GOD.”

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