5/31/2017 Daily Word

Why are you so downcast?  Encourage yourself in Me!  I am ever present, working everything for your good.  You must not allow fear, whether of failure, people and personalities, or the enemy’s tactics to wreak havoc within your soul.  Put your trust in Me.  Remember, fear attacks not because you are at odds with Me or man, but because it is attempting to prevent you from stepping out courageously in the midst of your circumstances. I have called you to walk out of your Egypt, not in tragedy, but in triumph.  I have ordained that you give birth to a new thing, and I am giving you revelation into My purposes.  Don’t allow your emotional soul to dictate your destiny.  Walk boldly into the position and place I have held for you in spiritual places and exercise dominion.  Fear is the shadow of death to the dreams I have given you, but it is only a shadow.  Step forth into the light, and take your place, My mighty men and women of valor!  Ps. 43:5, “My soul, why are you so downcast?  Why are you groaning inside me?  Hope in God, since I will praise Him again for being my Savior and God.”

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