6/20/2017 Daily Word

Do not fear emptiness.  An empty vessel is one that I will fill to overflowing.  Allow everything that is of the flesh to be emptied out, replaced by the anointing of My Spirit.  As My Spirit fills you, allow Him to flow through you.  The infilling is not a one-time occurrence, but rather a continual current that springs forth from My throne to those that will allow it to move through them to the world.  So many are seeking a mighty gush, and like a dam holding back when once allowed to flow it will come like a flood, for the purpose of developing new streams of My glory that will cover the earth. Be the one that allows My Spirit free reign to emanate forth from your being, washing away the flesh and establishing a vessel whose source never runs dry, for the Source – My Spirit – dwells in you and flows through you.  2 Tim. 2:21-22, “If a person keeps himself free of defilement by the latter, he will be a vessel set aside for honorable use by the master of the house and ready for every kind of good work.  So, flee the passions of youth; and, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart, pursue righteousness, faithfulness, love and peace.”

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