6/21/2017 Daily Word

There is a new generation arising that is stepping into the callings and mantles of My aging servants, and there are new doors of opportunity opening up for advancement in My Kingdom.  Be careful and watch, for many will claim positions out of pride and assumption, but wait for those who have been confirmed by My Spirit.  It is not the one who declares expectation for himself, but the one both appointed and anointed for this particular season.  Wait for those that from their births I have groomed and made ready.  They are the ones carried by humility, and whose authority is not self-proclaimed, but decreed from My throne.  Watch, for their advancement won’t be paraded and partied by the masses, but it will be heralded in the heavenlies for they are My chosen ones, anointed for such a time as this.  I Kings 1; 1:33-34a, “The king said to them, ‘Take with you the servants of your lord, have Solomon my son ride on my own mule and bring him down to Gichon.  There Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet are to anoint him king.’”

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