6/29/2017 Daily Word

This is a time for building, not for tearing down.  Many of you have wept because you have poured your life into what I have asked of you and are experiencing tremendous resistance.  This resistance is not of Me, but a spirit of hindrance sent to oppose the building project I have given you.  You must not look at what is happening in the natural, but go forward in faith, knowing that I have declared this time of growth and what you build now will bring everlasting fruit into the Kingdom.  Let your fear be swallowed up in faith and continue.  Though it looks as if even the foundation may be lost, I declare that this is your time of expansion and growth, and I have rebuked the hindrance, that I may show Myself great on your behalf.  Continue building!  Neh. 4:9, “When our enemies heard that the plot was known to us, and God had foiled their plans, we all returned to the wall, everyone to his work.”

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