7/18/2017 Daily Word

You can either go forward or backward, but you can no longer stay where you’ve been.  You have fought valiantly and the recent challenges you’ve faced have worn you down, but you cannot stop here.  This is the place where your mettle is tested.  Will you persevere, knowing I have your back, or will you throw in the towel and surrender to the enemy’s desire?  This is a critical time for you, My Child, and it is My desire for you to prosper in all that your hand has found to do.  Many times I have propelled you forward, even without your knowledge, but now is the time for you to deliberately take that step that will thrust you forth into the purpose for which I created you. Remember, I am right beside you, but the time has come to choose – a faith-filled adventure into the unknown or capitulation to the comfort of where you’ve already been.   Ps. 32:8, “I will instruct and teach you in the way that you are to go; I will give you counsel; My eyes will be watching you.”

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