7/25/2017 Daily Word

You must learn to rule over your passionate impulses, otherwise they will rule you.  It is not that your passion is wrong, it is just misplaced.  There are many counterfeits to the will of the Father that seek to draw you away from His intention and design.  If you do not learn to recognize His will and desires now, you will only add to your trouble by joining your life to fleshly desires that bring forth imitations that will never be able to serve your Father’s purposes.  Choose now to allow His will to guide your decisions and walk in the blessing of His favor that brings forth His promises.  This is the result of a well-disciplined, passionate pursuit of the Father’s heart.  Gen. 28:8-9a, “Esau also saw that the Canaanite women did not please Isaac his father.  So Esau went to Ishmael and took, in addition to the wives he already had, Machalat…”

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