7/26/2017 Daily Word

No matter where you are at, I AM.  I AM in many places that you are unaware, even on those paths that are difficult for you to traverse.  I AM in the desert and in the depths of the sea.  I AM on the mountaintop and in the valley.  If you will seek for Me in these places, I have promised to be found by you.  Don’t allow your circumstances to prevent you from discerning My presence, for in the dark places of your life, I long to impart revelation to you.  I long for you to awaken from your spiritual slumber and understand the constant state of ministry that takes place between heaven and earth, between Me and you, and for you to be an active participant with Me.  Look, see, and understand that I AM in the midst of all that concerns you to fulfill all that I have declared over your life.  Gen. 28:16, “Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, ‘Truly, ADONAI is in this place – and I didn’t know it!’”

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