7/28/2017 Daily Word

What are you eager for, and what delights you?  Are you enthusiastically pursuing the things of the flesh, or are you desirous of all that My Spirit offers?  There are spiritual treasures you have yet to uncover and truths yet to be understood, but both require a dedication to My Word that goes beyond some vague notion of a daily devotion.  Have I not given you My Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth?  How can you know, unless you consult Him?  It is My delight to grant revelation, but revelation is given in the context of intimacy – an intimacy that inspires you to search diligently for your Beloved, and in looking discover those keys that unlock even more of My character and nature to you.  I long to be the delight of your heart and to show you the delights of Mine.  Song of Songs 3:3-4, “The guards roaming the city found me.  ‘Have you seen the man I love?’ Scarcely had I left them, when I found the man I love.  I took hold of him and would not let him go until I had brought him to my mother’s house, to the bedroom of the woman who conceived me.”

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