7/31/2017 Daily Word

The dreams that I have placed in your heart will come to pass.  Be careful, however, who you share them with, for there are those who would seek to tear them down and attempt to circumvent My desire for you.  Many a dream and vision has been shared prematurely and much heartache has come of it.  Hide away what I have placed in your heart until it is time for it to be revealed.  Every vision has a time, every dream a season.  Wait for it, and do not grow impatient.  There is growth that must take place within you before you can step into all that I have for you.  In the meantime, give honor where it is due, humbling yourself before others.  In due time, I will exalt you.  Gen. 37:5,19,21, “Joseph had a dream which he told his brothers, and that made them hate him all the more…they spotted him in the distance, and before he had arrived where they were, they had already plotted to kill him…but when Reuben heard this, he saved him from being destroyed by them.”

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