7/3/2017 Daily Word

There are people that are searching and praying for something specific.  I have uniquely qualified you to meet that need.  Begin now to prepare for them.  Though you know not who they are and they are unaware of you, prepare a place for them both spiritually and physically.  These individuals will be instrumental in multiplying the work I have called you to, while also allowing them to step into the destiny that I have called them.  This is a divine appointment for a divine purpose that will be mutually beneficial to both of you.  Be willing to take the time to be a blessing, for in your investment into them, you will be blessed multiple times over.  Gen. 24:31-32, “’Come on in,’ he said, “you whom ADONAI has blessed!  Why are you standing outside when I have made room in the house and prepared a place for the camels?’”  So the man went inside, and while his camels were being unloaded and provided straw and fodder, water was brought for him to wash his feet and the feet of the men with him.”