8/22/2017 Daily Word

Allow that My desires for you are greater than the desires you have for yourself, therefore it is to your advantage to align your heart with Mine.  Two hearts only become one over the course of time, consistently delighting in each other.  This delight comes when you choose to be in My presence, trusting Me that even in the worst of times, I will remain faithful.  Learn to feed on My faithfulness, and settle down.  You must settle your heart and silence your mind, and walk in the way that I lead, placing your well-being (and that of others) in My hands.  I will not guide you wrong, but I will bring you to a place where our very desires are united and My heartbeat can be felt by you and radiate through you to the world.   Ps. 37:23-24, “The LORD directs a person’s steps, and he delights in his way.  He may stumble, but he won’t fall headlong, for the LORD holds him by the hand.”

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