10/10/2017 Daily Word

My child, I have seen the enemy’s attempt to encroach upon your life, and I have watched the nighttime battles you have fought when I alone acted as witness.  Your face has been before Mine, and I have held you in the night season.  Yes, in the fiercest of storms, I have held you, rebuking the waves you had yet to see.  And when your heart despaired, I rejoiced over you with songs. I went before and behind you, as well as stood by your side, singing songs of deliverance, declaring My Word over you.  The enemy’s attempts to intrude upon the abundant life I have provided for you will not last in the light of My declared Word, for it is a living, breathing, creative Word set to the tune of heaven and composed just for you.  My child, sing with Me your song of deliverance!  Let us lift our voices in unity and as one, sing, expelling the violator from the song that is your life. I have decreed a new dawning over you, full of vibrant color that extinguishes the dark! Sing!  Ps. 32:7, “You are a hiding-place for me, You will keep me from my distress; You will surround me with songs of deliverance.”

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