10/11/2017 Daily Word

Rise up, My beloved, and come away!  I will lead you by the hand to the place you need to be, but you must first arise and choose to come away with Me.  You’ve been content in your settlement, but have gradually grown dissatisfied.  This is My Spirit stirring you towards movement.  You have known this, but have hesitated and, as a result, risked spiritual atrophy.  As you move towards Me, I will not only move towards you, but take you by the hand revealing more of Myself than ever before.  Won’t you trust Me and come away, allowing Me to lead you to a greater place of intimacy where I can reproduce My life in you?  Song of Songs 2:9-10, “My darling is like a gazelle or young stag.  There He is, standing outside our wall, looking in through the windows, peering in through the lattice.  My darling speaks; He is saying to me, ‘Get up, My love! My beauty! Come away!’”

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