10/26/2017 Daily Word

Those who are content with the crumbs have never seen the banqueting table.  If they had, they would realize that it is worth more than the perceived cost to themselves. Yes, they would understand that My Kingdom is worth the investment.  That I ask for My children to come with clean hands and a pure heart is not so much for Me to ask.  Even earthly fathers do the same.  I so desire to sit down and sup with My children and see their eyes sparkle with delight at what I have prepared for them – so many of their favorites, and new delicacies for them to discover.  Everything has been planned with My unfailing love for them.  Yet, so many are outside, satisfied to have received My invitation gilded in gold and go on their way, rather than invest in the journey that will lead them to the feast I have arranged.  If you will not come, there are many more who will.  Oh, but I so long to see your face!  Luke 14:15-24; Song of Songs 2:4, “He brings me to the banquet hall; His banner over me is love.”

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