11/21/2017 Daily Word

Reaching out in compassion on your time is one thing, but being tugged in the time and at the need of others is quite another.  How you react to those that would grasp at you in desperation can determine how and if they will reach for Me.  There are those who will want to touch the scars of your life, no matter how painful, to prove I am able and I am alive.  Others will touch you to get a need met and never express gratitude.  Still others will touch you in desperation, grasping hold because you are their last lifeline to Me, and in every case, you must learn to exercise grace. Being touched requires a certain amount of vulnerability in allowing others to draw close to you, but remember, miracles happen at a touch – not just for them, but for you, as well.  Luke 6:19, “And the people all tried to touch Him, because power was coming from Him and healing them all.”

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