1/26/2018 Unholy Fleeces

Many of you have thrown unholy fleeces down before Me, and I want you to repent and renounce them. These prayers you make of “If You, then I…,” or, “If I, then You,” are not the way I want My children to communicate and relate to Me. These vows are an immature way of attempting to discern My will, and you unwittingly put Me in a box by them. I will not be dictated to or limited by your own finite solutions. It was My infinite love and mercy that humored Gideon’s request. My Spirit was upon him, but it is within you! I desire for you to not only hear My voice, but to hear and trust it enough to act upon it without proof of My intentions. I proved those at the cross. Do you allow your own children to get away with such? Luke 4:12, “Jesus responded, ‘The Scriptures also say, ‘You must not test the LORD your God.’”

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