2/20/2018 Avoid Building Stumbling Blocks

You cannot advance in the plans and purposes of the Spirit and think and act on the carnal and profane. By doing so you only create stumbling blocks to moving forward for yourself and others. I am holy, My Spirit is holy, and you are to be holy. You must renew your mind, setting it on things above, and seeing things from a heavenly perspective. Pray that your eyes will be open to what seems immaterial in the flesh that is of eternal consequence. Both your actions and reactions must be of the Spirit. Be thoughtful and cognizant of My Spirit in all things, so that rebuke is unnecessary. Matt. 16:23, “But Jesus turned His back on Peter, saying, ‘Get behind Me, Satan! You are an obstacle in My path, because you are thinking from a human perspective, not from God’s perspective.’”

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