3/8/2018 Love Well

How do your brothers and sisters respond towards you? Do they feel loved? Does knowing you produce a knowledge of what is right? When I said to love one another, I expected you to do so in a personal, intimate manner that brings rest and reassurance, not unease and angst. Live your life in such a way that people give thanks for it. Live in light of eternity towards your brothers and sisters, bringing refreshment to their hearts. Those that love well are remembered well. Philemon 4-7, “I thank my God every time I mention you in my prayers, Philemon, for I am hearing about your love and commitment to the Lord Yeshua and to all God’s people. I pray that the fellowship based on your commitment will produce full understanding of every good thing that is ours in union with the Messiah. For your love has given me much joy and encouragement. Brother, you have refreshed the hearts of God’s people.” CJB

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