6/12/2018 Thrive in the Waiting

Don’t hold your breath waiting. You are not designed that way – to merely survive while you wait. You were called to thrive in it! Are your trust and hope in Me? There are blessings that are in the waiting that you will not see if you choose to wait in survival mode, neither can you advance. Let your strength be renewed and rest in Me during this time. As we take one day at a time together, you will find that we have moved a significant distance forward and that you are stronger for having chosen to patiently wait in the walking. More is accomplished in waiting on Me in joy and peace, than striving without Me in bitterness and anger. Ps. 62:5-8, “My soul, wait silently for God alone, For my expectation is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be moved. In God is my salvation and my glory; the Rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God. Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. SELAH” NKJV

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