6/22/2018 Release the Pain

You relive your hurt time and again. Even when you refuse to speak of it, something happens and, like a fire, the rage burns in you once more. You think to douse it by ignoring it, but My child, you must allow the river of My Spirit to flow over it, extinguishing the flame and washing away the residue of hurt you carry. My mercy I have not withheld, and My grace and truth will sustain you. Allow Me to be your helper and rescuer. Let Me heal the pain of the past and turn this trial into a testimony of triumph. Ps. 30:2,7, “I was silent, said nothing, not even good; but my pain kept being stirred up. My heart grew hot within me; whenever I thought of it, the fire burned…Now, Adonai, what am I waiting for? You are my only hope.” CJB

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