8/10/2018 Be a Truth Seeker

Seek after truth. Don’t be content with what your ears hear, for there are many who would tickle them to obtain their own desires. If you want the truth, you must pursue Me – the embodiment and Author of Truth. Look for truth and justice within My Word. Let it be the determining factor in all that you hear and observe. For many will fall away because they do not know My Word, nor have they been students of it, but are content with twisted words that hold false hope and promises. This is nothing new. Deception is sometimes so desirable. Just remember – it is the Truth that sets you free. Jer. 5:1, “Roam the streets of Jerusalem, look around and ask in its open spaces; if you can find anyone (if there is anyone!) who acts with justice and seeks the truth. I will pardon her.” CJB

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