8/20/2018 A Way of Escape

I am the God who puts to flight the enemy who comes in like a flood against you. I am the God who raises up a standard; the God who makes a way where there seems to be no way. There is no need to stand and look to your right or left, even behind, wondering what direction to take to flee from the onslaught that has come against you. I have made a way for you. Open your eyes and look. Look with eyes of faith and a heart of belief, and you will see. Go through the door I’ve opened, and like the sea that closed over the enemies of My people, so, too, will I entrap the enemy that would pursue you. You are My beloved and I am for you. Trust Me in this attack and allow Me to lead you out. Ex. 14:13-14, “Stop being so fearful! Remain steady, and you will see how ADONAI is going to save you. He will do it today – today you have seen the Egyptians, but you will never see them again! ADONAI will do battle for you. Just calm yourselves down!” CJB 

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