11/20/2018 I Am Leading You

Do not fear stepping into My will for you. You have sought to develop a listening ear, you know My voice, now follow it. Yes, some were led where they did not want to go, yet in all of it, I was there, as I am for you. I have given you the boldness and courage to step into this new season, and it is up to you to walk forward. Strengthen yourself in Me and be at peace. I am leading you. Job 23:11-14, “My feet have stayed in His footsteps; I keep to His way without turning aside. I don’t withdraw from His lips’ command; I treasure His words more than my daily food. But He has no equal, so who can change Him? What He desires, He does. He will accomplish what is decreed for me, and He has many plans like this.” CJB

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