11/29/2018 Turn from Self-Interest

Many are running to and fro seeking a prophetic word from Me and yet choosing not to act on it. There are many who delight in hearing the Word, basking in their knowledge of what I will do next but are refusing to participate by repenting. They are full of self-interest, continuing in their own way. I say, they will die in their sin, while those who hear and repent are those whom My hand will be upon. From those who choose to walk in the righteousness I have provided and remain in Me, I will raise up My army. They will be an army who moves in holiness and knows My ways as well as My acts. They will be led by My Spirit and do mighty exploits, showing all that there is a God who moves on behalf of His people. Ez. 33:30b-33, “They’re saying to each other, each one telling his brother, ‘Come, let’s go and hear the latest word coming from ADONAI.’ So then they come to you, as people do, sit in front of you as My people, and hear your words; but they don’t act on them. For with their mouths they flatter you, but their hearts are set on their own self-interest; so for them you are like a love-song sung by someone with a nice voice who can play an instrument well – they hear your words, but they don’t act on them. So when all this comes true, then, at last, they will realize that a prophet has been there with them.” CJB

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