12/28/2018 Out of the Wilderness

Many have been wandering in the wilderness, and I have come to meet with you. In this place, I will speak to you, reviving your life, and cause you to flourish. You thought in your heart that if you could only survive, but I declare that you shall thrive. In this wilderness place where repentance and redemption meet, you will experience new hope, and the trials that you have faced will draw you even closer to Me, becoming the path that leads to My place of green pastures and still waters. Do not despair, for I am God in the desert place and God in the valley. In My love, I am calling to you. In My grace, I am restoring you. What once was, will be no more, and great shall be your testimony of triumph. Hosea 2:14-15, “But now I am going to woo her – I will bring her out of the desert and will speak to her heart. I will give her vineyards from there and the Akhor Valley as a gateway to hope. She will respond there as she did when young, as she did when she came up from Egypt.” CJB

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