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6/22/2017 Daily Word

Be ever vigilant and listen closely to the voice of My Spirit.  Now, more than ever, the enemy is seeking ways to infiltrate the lives of My people, and in the very place you think you are secure, he can find opening when you are not watching. Be especially aware of your relationships and attitudes towards others, as it is in your interactions with them that you become most vulnerable to the lure of the flesh. Love much, forgive quickly. Evaluate yourself, and immediately rectify any area of your life in which you find yourself out of alignment with My Word.  My Word at work in your life, wielded properly, will prevent him from finding legitimate grounds of operation, and when you resist him, he will flee.  I Peter 5:8, “Be alert and of sober mind.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

6/21/2017 Daily Word

My Child, I have not forgotten you, nor have you been left behind.  I have withheld you from stepping forward, not because you are behind the others, but so that I can propel you forth.  I have drawn you back, not to discipline you, but to release you as an arrow toward My target and goal for you.  It has been slow in coming, but when I release you, it will happen suddenly and with such momentum that it cannot be stopped.  Do not concern yourself, for your destiny is in My hands and every word I have spoken over you will come to pass.  Rest, confident, that My timing is best, and you are loved beyond measure.  Is.49:2-3, “He has made my mouth like a sharp sword while hiding me in the shadow of His hand; He has made me like a sharpened arrow while concealing me in His quiver.  He said to me, ‘You are My servant, Israel, through whom I will show My glory.’”

6/21/2017 Daily Word

There is a new generation arising that is stepping into the callings and mantles of My aging servants, and there are new doors of opportunity opening up for advancement in My Kingdom.  Be careful and watch, for many will claim positions out of pride and assumption, but wait for those who have been confirmed by My Spirit.  It is not the one who declares expectation for himself, but the one both appointed and anointed for this particular season.  Wait for those that from their births I have groomed and made ready.  They are the ones carried by humility, and whose authority is not self-proclaimed, but decreed from My throne.  Watch, for their advancement won’t be paraded and partied by the masses, but it will be heralded in the heavenlies for they are My chosen ones, anointed for such a time as this.  I Kings 1; 1:33-34a, “The king said to them, ‘Take with you the servants of your lord, have Solomon my son ride on my own mule and bring him down to Gichon.  There Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet are to anoint him king.’”

6/20/2017 Daily Word

Do not fear emptiness.  An empty vessel is one that I will fill to overflowing.  Allow everything that is of the flesh to be emptied out, replaced by the anointing of My Spirit.  As My Spirit fills you, allow Him to flow through you.  The infilling is not a one-time occurrence, but rather a continual current that springs forth from My throne to those that will allow it to move through them to the world.  So many are seeking a mighty gush, and like a dam holding back when once allowed to flow it will come like a flood, for the purpose of developing new streams of My glory that will cover the earth. Be the one that allows My Spirit free reign to emanate forth from your being, washing away the flesh and establishing a vessel whose source never runs dry, for the Source – My Spirit – dwells in you and flows through you.  2 Tim. 2:21-22, “If a person keeps himself free of defilement by the latter, he will be a vessel set aside for honorable use by the master of the house and ready for every kind of good work.  So, flee the passions of youth; and, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart, pursue righteousness, faithfulness, love and peace.”

6/19/2017 Daily Word

You must step forward into the darkness if you would see it illuminated with My light.  Yes, I spoke the Word and there was light, but in this present darkness, you are light I have called forth.  Dare to shine brightly, bringing faith in the midst of doubt, peace in the midst of turmoil, and life in the midst of death.  Remember, that darkness must flee in the presence of light.  Do not hide from that which I’ve called you to confront.  Stand firm as My representative in a fallen world, allowing My Spirit to bring revelation through you to those who have dwelt in the shadows too long. Matt. 5:14-16, “You are the light of the world.  A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl.  Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

6/16/2017 Daily Word

What if I heeded your call for escape from your current trouble?  What if I retaliated immediately every time someone hurt you?  What if I gave into your impetuous requests without thought to what would happen?  What if I answered every single prayer you’ve ever uttered and every mindless word you’ve silently spoken against another?  It is NOT that I do not love you, but rather because I love you.  Child, you must learn to trust that I, as your Father, know best, and learn to leave all in My hands, for what if I decided to answer the impulsive prayer of another aimed at you?  Rom. 9:22-23, “Now what if God, even though He was quite willing to demonstrate his anger and make known His power, patiently put up with people who deserved punishment and were ripe for destruction?  What if He did this in order to make known the riches of His glory to those who are the objects of His mercy, whom He prepared in advance for glory?”

6/15/2017 Daily Word

Just as I covered My Ark of Covenant with the Israelites, so you, too, must cover your covenant relationships.  Make sure that you do so with mercy.  Mercy is a characteristic of Love – who I AM.  Without it, only judgment remains.  Covenant relationships were meant to be deep and profound, not entered into lightly, as in their development provide opportunity to criticize and condemn.  That is not their purpose.  Rather, they are to provide My people a safe place from the storm, knowing that in them they can find mercy, restoration, and hope.  Covenant is special because it is filled with the loving communion, not condemnation, and miraculous redemption and provision.  This, after all, is what I have done for you.  Make sure if you claim covenant, you are truly walking in it as I walked – willingly laying down My life for those who would turn their back on it.  Ex. 25:21, “And thou shalt put the mercy seat above upon the ark; and in the ark thou shalt put the testimony that I shall give thee.”

6/14/2017 Daily Word

Always aim to do My will.  Love people purely, believing that I am able to save to the uttermost and knowing that you follow My lead by walking in compassion.  So many have become sidetracked from what I intended for them by falling into disputes that do not bring Me glory or benefit My Kingdom and abandoning covenant with their own brethren made in My image and for whom I died.  How can the world know My love, if My church does not show it?  This is My will – that you love without compromise, just as I have loved you.  I Tim. 1:11-12, “Promote love from a clean heart, from a good conscience and from sincere trust.  Some, by aiming amiss, have wandered off into fruitless discussion.”

6/13/2017 Daily Word

Resist the urge to question your call based upon your performance or the results.  Your call had nothing to do with your abilities, for before you were born, I had called you.  Before you ever could, I had determined you would. You were chosen by Me.  It has never been about your own strength, but rather My strength being allowed to manifest through you.  Walk forward confidently, resting in the knowledge that you are exactly where I want you for such a time as this, and your faithful obedience will reap a harvest that is even now developing roots unseen that will bear eternal fruit.  Is. 49:1b, “ADONAI called me from the womb; before I was born, He had spoken my name.”

6/12/2017 Daily Word

Up close all you may see is beautiful, confounding chaos, but when you choose to step back and look, you will see patterns indicative of My design.  What I do is not automatically apparent, and often it appears My hand has no part in it. However, when viewed from the perspective of eternity My handiwork is obvious.  You cannot look at everything from your own limited viewpoint.  The canvas on which I paint is too large for you to comprehend what I am doing or what I intend at this point. There are yet connections to be made, and in due time I will reveal to you the masterpiece upon which I work.  For now, learn to be content with the mere stroke before you, for in it is the color and texture of heaven.  Ps. 104:1, 24, “Bless the LORD, my soul!  LORD, my God, You are very great; You are clothed with glory and majesty, wrapped in light as with a robe.  You spread out the heavens like a curtain…What variety there is in Your works, LORD!  How many [of them there are]!  In wisdom You have made them all; the earth is full of Your creations.”